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THE BASIC IDEA: We, humans, are just a small part of the big world, where every creature is equal and unique. The humans are special because they have conscience, the plants are special because they create organic matter out of sunlight, and every other critter is valuable and should be respected. To be noticed, accepted and loved - don't we all long for it? - requires to see, love back and be able to accept others, no matter how different they might appear to us.

NATASHA GURULEVA - the Mushroomland storyteller - is an award winning book artist, independent writer and filmmaker. Her fascination with the world of nature comes from the magic of her Russian childhood, when every living creature - be it a mushroom, a flower or a butterfly - had as much value as any other, including human beings.

Natasha's stories lead themselves into animation and become films. Natasha creates dolls and sets and places them into the environment of real nature. informs about other Natasha's films

Her songs

Here you can hear Natasha reciting her poetry,

The Queen of Mushroomland at Frankfurt Book Fair

EVERETT PHILLIPS - is the Mushroomland chief contractor. His relationships with the world of nature need no verbal explanation - just click on his name and watch.

HERBERT is a little boy who saved Mushroomland from a horrible giant Slug. His friendship with mushroom-children made him a better human being.

BOLLY, TOLLY, CHANTERELLE AND SAFFRY are mushroom-kids, Herbert's friends without whom he would never be able to save Mushroomland.

TUSHY and PUSHY are albino frogs. Actually, all the Mushroomland creatures are described in the other sections of this site. Look them up.


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